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SymbOS is a free multitasking operating system for Z80 based 8-bit computer systems written by Prodatron
作者Prodatron 對 8bit Z80非常熱血,投注十餘年心力,目前SymbOS (MS-Windows-like GUI) 支援4 個平台 CPC, PCW, MSX/MSX2, Enterprise 64/128。
  • At the end of 2000 I watched some GEOS-pages and asked myself, why not making such a system on CPC, too. Most CPCs have 128K (most C64 only have 64K), a screen-resolution of 320x200 with 4 colours (C64 only has 2 colours for each 8x8 area in 320x200) and some more advantages. So the idea of the SymbOS-Project was born. SymbOS stands for "SYmbiosis Multitasking Based Operating System". SymbOS should become a demonstration, what could be possible on CPC since the last 20 years. I want to give everything to SymbOS what a modern OS needs. Real preemptive Multitasking, a dynamic memory-management for up to 576K and more and a totaly MS-Windows-like GUI are the three most important things.
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Benux W STM32 Resources
Benux W
  • from jserv's fb: [STM32] 印第安納大學電腦科學系教授 Geoffrey Brown,為了三年前的嵌入式系統課程,自己寫了一本電子書 "Discovering the STM32 Microcontroller",並以 CC-NC 授權釋出,可見:http://www.cs.indiana.edu/~geobrown/book.pdf
  • 最後更新於今年 11 月。硬體主要是 STM32F10x 系列。
discovering the stm32 microcontroller geoffrey brown
  • Books
  • Mastering STM32
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Benux W 此頁已合併到 Meet 37th Notes ,若有任何新資訊,請在新頁中補完,謝謝!
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Meet 37th Notes
Benux W 第37次 JuluOSDev 活動共筆頁,有任何活動內容相關資訊,歡迎一同編修。
Part 1: PreMeet 37th By Descent Song
活動主題: bare metal programming for stm32f4 using C++
Benux W
  • 問題, 使用 C++ 寫 OS 需要 Link C++ 庫進去嗎? 核心會不會增大很多呢?
sung d
  • 不用, 完全不會用到標準程式庫, 我使用 std::vector 單純只是做個測試。
  • link 標準程式庫的確有可能會造成程式碼變大很多。而用 c++ 編譯器編譯出來的程式碼的確也比較大, 這大概是比用 c 寫 os 的弱勢。
  • 以下為使用 gcc4, gcc5 編譯出來含有 std::vector 的檔案大小, text section 在 g++5 變得很大
  • $ size myvec.elf.gcc51.fp_hard myvec.elf.gcc51.fp_soft myvec.elf.gcc48 
  •    text    data     bss     dec   filename
  •  475426    1501   91889  568816   myvec.elf.gcc51.fp_hard (64 bit arm gcc 51)
  •  474820    1501   91889  568210   myvec.elf.gcc51.fp_soft (32 bit arm gcc 51)
  •  114281    2300   89961  206542   myvec.elf.gcc48
Benux W Part 2: Small Talk: nand to uuos By ben6
Notes: slide is coming soon
Part 3:  TiniSOC with C based os by feather
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上次活動有人提到自製示波器,看到一個不錯的 opensource 的軟體庫,可以很方便來實作類似的分析訊號工具軟體,支援使用 Python。
可使用 sigrok + pyqt4 快速做出圖示化的介面
  • Simple-Oscilloscope
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813 days ago
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Benux W Write OS by using C++
  • Book: How to Make a computer operating system
分享: 看到一本用c++ 寫 x86 arch OS 的電子書, 不過免費版只能看前 10 小節
但有完整的 source code:
Benux W
  • Samy Pessé 作者,法國人,是 gitbook 的 兩位co-founder之一,在gitbook 上 publish 三本程式相關的英文書,另為兩本為 node.js 相關。 (值得學習一下,創業中不忘把相關產生附加物變成書籍來賺錢。深得Rework 一書https://37signals.com/rework/ [銷售你的副產品] 的精髓。)
  • bare metal programming for stm32f4 using C++
Issue for feelback
  • table of contents is out of order with chapter in PDF
  • Snippet from "How to Make a computer operating system" book:
What kind of OS are we building?
The goal is to build a very simple UNIX-based operating system in C++, not just a "proof-of-concept". The OS should be able to boot, start a userland shell, and be extensible.
  • 似乎寫 OS 需要有個中心思想? 本人好像很隨性在寫, 沒有什麼中心思想 (大誤)?
  • 快速 Preview 了這本書中用到一些目前業界常用的開發工具來安裝並設定開發環境.
  • Ex: Vagrant (用了好幾年了, 去年開始配合商用 Parallels virtual machine for Mac 在使用), grub  boot loader , qemu)
Why are we using GRUB?
  • 用 grub 來減少寫boot loader 時間, 專注在 OS kernel writing. (good point) 
Chapter 4: Backbone of the OS and C++ runtime
  • 看來用 C++ 寫OS, 必要處理 C++ runtime 的問題, 否則無法編譯.
Chapter 5:
Printing to the screen console
Assembly interface  --- gas uses the AT&T syntax.
Chapter 6: GDT
  • 之前MITOS 讀書會時, 這部分看滿久才略懂一二. 
Chapter 8: Theory: physical and virtual memory
  • 我的BOS 之前,沒有實作PAGING,這部分值得精讀。有 Paging  會 memory subsystem 會比較好用。
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